Review: Kathmandu

I love Indian food. Salty, spicy, fragrant, rich, and savory. Absolutely delicious.

I was meeting with a friend that I hadn’t seen in a really long time in downtown Toronto during the winter break. We deliberated a long time on what to have for dinner, because when it comes to food, I am picky as hell. Picking a restaurant is always a stressful affair for me, because I am so keen on getting the most value out of my money, and the most satisfaction out of my calories.

He first suggested Mercatto. It had good reviews, but prices seemed steep and I didn’t really feel like Italian. Maybe another time. He then pointed out that Japango within the vicinity. I’ve always wanted to go, but the place also seemed too expensive. Yes, I was indeed feeling cheap. I suggested Greek or Indian. He picked Indian. Apparently, as much as he liked both ethnicities of food, he liked Indian far more. ( I think it may be because of his partiality towards spicy food – a bias that I must admit to as well)

Brief deliberation with the help of Urbanspoon landed us on Kathmandu, located at 517 Yonge Street, South of Yonge and Wellington.

Inside Kathmandu

Inside Kathmandu

The decor of the restaurant is unimpressive, both inside and out. The food and the service, however, redeemed the restaurant from its poor first impression.

For appetizer, we were served two crispy rolls of papadum (a thin cracker made of lentils), along with mint and tamarind chutney. I didn’t take a picture of this dish, but I’m sure you can Google image.

Lamb Madras

Lamb Madras

The Lamb Madras arrived next, steaming hot in a small metal serving dish. I originally wanted to order the Lamb Shekewa (chunks of lamb cooked in tandoor oven), but the waiter suggested ordering one of the stewed lamb dishes because he noticed that all of our original main dishes were dry. Little did he know that I ordered this way on purpose, as I’ve found in my past experience that Indian curries are very rich, and thus less healthy than tandoor oven dishes. In any case, out of  politeness, my friend and I settled on the Lamb Madras instead of the Lamb Shekewa. The dish turned out to be a lot less greasy than I anticipated, without sacrificing an ounce of flavour. Chunks of amazingly tender lamb were soaked in a thick, spicy, fragrant sauce, which went perfectly with our order of roti and basmati rice.



The roti was warm, soft and chewy. I soaked it in the Lamb Madras, and used it as a wrap for the tandoor-grilled meat. It tasted wonderful both ways.

Mixed Grill at Kathmandu | liveloveobsess

Mixed Grill

The mixed grill was served on a sizzling hot stone plate – a colourful arrangement including Tandoori Chicken, Chicken Tikka, Seekh Kebob, Tandoori Prawn, and Fish Tikka. It was a lot of protein for two people. All of the items in the mixed grill were perfectly cooked and well-seasoned. Nothing was too greasy, too salty, or too dry. My only complaint is for the Seekh Kebob, which could have been a little bit bigger, allowing for more moisture retention. The Seekh Kebob at Avani tasted much better, but because of the poor service my Dad and I received there and the higher prices, I would unlikely go back.

Our bill came to around $45, but with the coupon that I printed off Kathmandu’s website, I got 15% off and paid $45 after tips.

Kathmadu has indeed lived up to its praise. The food was delicious and satisfying, and the service was fast and friendly. I would not hesitate to go back.

Food: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Value: 4.5/5

Atmosphere: 2/5

Kathmandu on Urbanspoon

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